One of Bella’s good friends got her a Bath & Body Works gift card for her birthday recently and she was really itching to go and stock up on some new products.  So we headed up to the Bath & Body Works in Woodcliff Lake, where we met two of the most awesome saleswomen on the planet Lara and Betty Jean.  For me shopping is an experience.  A good salesperson can make or break that experience.  I love when I walk into a store and it’s like meeting up with an old friend.  I also love when the salespeople are very knowledgeable about their products and they take the time to make recommendations based on your preferences, not just based on what corporate tells them they need to push that week (I did sales for a little while, I know what it’s like).  Lara and Betty Jean took Bella around and made sure she found exactly what she wanted, offering suggestions along the way and making sure she was getting the full advantage of current promotional offers etc.  Besides that, they were just really fun to spend some time with.  So are you wondering what we picked up?  Of course you are!

Since this trip was really more about Bella than me, we will start with her selections.  She collects the fine fragrant mists as though they are the finest perfumes.  Let’s be honest, they are really good!  In fact Endless Weekend and Endless Summer (ok it’s actually called Forever Sunshine…anyone else notice a trend there?) are my go to weekend scents when I’m just running errands or spending time with family and friends in a casual atmosphere.  Bella picked up Sweat Pea, which is a classic by Bath & Body Works standards and two of the Diamond Shimmer Mists in Pink Chiffon (which I love too) and Moonlight Path (sorry but it’s too musky for my liking).   Now these are not glowy sprays.  They pack a big old wallop of diamond dust glitter!  So they may not be appropriate for all occasions or all ages.  Personally, I feel like I’ve fallen victim to a bad craft room accident if I spray too much beyond just the collarbone, but for Bella… spray away girl and shine on!

Next she picked up two of the Shea and Vitamin E Body Lotions.  She chose the scents “A Thousand Wishes,” which has key notes of pink prosecco, sparkling quince, crystal peonies, gilder amber and amaretto cream and “French Lavender Honey,” which has key notes of French lavender, lily of the valley, nectarine de Provence warmed with sun kissed honey and white oak musk.  Personally between the two I’d opt for A Thousand Wishes.  The French Lavender Honey is a tad too sweet for  me and looses the lavender scent I enjoy so much.

Every girl loves a good bubble bath, I don’t care how old you are.  Light a candle grab a good book and relax and reinvigorate.    It’s a must from time to time.  So Bella picked up the Beautiful Day bubble bath.  This stuff is a major pick me up.  With key notes of sun kissed apple, cassis, wild daisies, pink peony and fresh woods this scent really does perk you up, which is great if your preparing for a night out or kicking off a great vacation.  Not so sure it would serve to relax away the day’s stresses like the French Lavender Honey may, but scent is such a personal choice and this was Bella’s.  I would not hesitate to get this one in a body wash!  Hello Monday morning!  Take that!

She also picked up a few body scrubs.  After all it was in the 50’s this weekend and we have our hearts set on unbundling and enjoying some sunshine real soon.  So it’s time to exfoliate our dry winter skin and get ready for spring!  Bella picked two of my favorite scents – Warm Vanilla Sugar in the Golden Sugar Scrub and Japanese Cherry Blossom in the Foaming Sugar Scrub.  I’ve never tried that particular formulation from Bath & Body Works before so it may need to briefly find its way into my shower so that I can try it out.  Like tomorrow morning!!!

Finally, we are reminded that it is still winter in the northeast and despite warmer temperatures, it is still cold and flu season and chapped lips come out of nowhere. Naturally, Bella stocked up on hand sanitizer and lip balm.  Her choices?  Why Copacabana Coconut, I’m so Fancy (a raspberry sparkle), You’re a Gem (not sure what it’s supposed to be, but it reminds me of conversation hearts) and Raspberry Pink Peony.  For lip products, she chose two from the C.O. Bigelow line – the lemon lip cream and the Mentha pearl Mint.  She says the lemon reminds her of fresh lemonade!  Why of course it does, but don’t lick your lips that defeats the purpose!  I couldn’t resist getting in on the action, so I picked up the pomegranate lemon lip cream which to me smells more like grapefruit, but since I love that crisp citrusy smell, it suits me just fine!

I also picked up one of the Scent Portable visor clips and 4 of the scents to make my car smell like it hasn’t been locked up tight battling the stale air and the rotting french fries and chicken nuggets that seam to take refuge under the back seat.  I picked Georgia Peach (of course), Watermelon Lemonade, Island Margarita and Honolulu Sun.  I was torn between a few of the holders.  There were so many cute ones, but ultimately I went with the black and silver rhinestones.  I love the way it looks in the car and the scents are amazing.  It is not overpowering like some of the Yankee Candle ones.  With those I need to roll down the windows even in the winter for a few minutes till they settle in.  I’ll let you know how it lasts, etc. after I’ve lived with it for awhile.  They are suppose to provide continuous fragrance for 4-6 weeks.

So that about sums up our Bath & Body Works weekend haul!  What are your favorite Bath & Body Works fragrances and products?  Head over to our Facebook page and let us know!

** This is not a sponsored post.