I am always willing to try new products, especially mascaras.  Probably because I am constantly on a quest for the perfect formula – one that really stays put, provides volume, length and the richest black color.  Moving into the summer months, I usually opt for a waterproof formula as well.  I took a look at my current collection and by the size of it, this post is aptly titled.  I am obsessed with mascara at the moment and I am not ashamed to admit that I often will mix two or three together to get my perfect lashes on any given day whether for a casual look or a more formal makeup look.  


My favorites for awhile now have been the Lights Camera Splashes from Tarte Cosmetics and Bobbi Brown’s Long Wear Intensifying Mascara. I typically like to start with the Bobbi Brown because it has the tiniest of wands.  The bristles just grab on to the most minuscule of lashes and define them beautifully.  While I wear it alone on the bottom lashes, I often layer a little more drama on the top and that’s where the fun begins.  I have tried a few new Mascaras over the last few months and these still make it into the rotation, although the jury is still out on a few of the newer additions to the collection.    

On the high end, I recently purchased the Lancôme Hypnose Drama Waterproof Mascara.  I like this one a lot and it will likely be my go to for the next few months, especially for more formal makeup looks when I need both dramatic lashes and staying power.  After all it is wedding season, so a waterproof formula is in order!  It has an odd shaped wire bristle wand that is curved into a wave like form, but it is reasonable in size and the formula does not go on too wet or too dry.  It creates beautiful winged lashes perfect for a cat eye or smoky eye look.  

I also purchased the Stila Huge Extreme Lash Mascara at the suggestion of the representative at Ulta (which may be the last time I do that).  I love the size and shape of the hourglass wire bristle wand and the way my lashes look after I’ve applied it; however, this formula is so wet I might as well redo all of my eye shadow after I’ve applied this mascara!  The transfer is outrageous.  I keep trying it again hoping that maybe when it dries out a bit it will be less messy, but so far no luck and I’m nearing the point of tossing it out because it is just so frustrating.  Makeup should be fun and struggling with an ultra wet mascara formula is anything but fun.  

Y’all know I generally think mascara is one of those items where you can find equally good quality at a more budget friendly price point.  For drugstore mascaras, I tend to go toward anything from the Cover Girl Lash Blast range.  The latest in the range is called Plumpify.   I have this in both the original and waterproof formulas.  While I loved the way it applied, I found it would smudge and transfer on me quite easily so I tried the waterproof version.  The waterproof version is much better for me, but the silicone wand is very large and has bristles on the bulb tip as well.  It makes it a bit difficult to apply to my short stubby lashes as it transfers to the lids and under eye area if I’m not careful.  I’m not sure I would repurchase it over the original lash blast in the orange tube.  

The Supersizer is a different story.  It’s tiny silicone wand and formula remind me of the Bobbi Brown Mascara although the Supersizer tends to be a bit more wet.  It makes a great base layer mascara or for days when you’re looking for a lot of definition to your lashes without a lot of vavavoom volumizing drama, although it does build very nicely.   

I had seen a lot of hype for the L’Oreal Butterfly Sculpt Mascara on social media so I picked it up to try it.  It too has an unusual silicone wand  that is more like a tapered comb than a brush.  The wand takes a bit of getting used to, but like the Lancôme Hypnose Drama, it creates  beautiful fanned lashes.  I find that this smudges a bit more than some of the others even in the waterproof version, but I’ve had this problem with most L’Oreal formulas so I think it’s just a disconnect with my skin type, which tends to be a little oily.  

Finally, the latest addition to the collection.  Mary Kay’s Lash Intesity Mascara.  I preordered this product from my dear friend Tammy along with another bottle of Mary Kay Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover (a long time staple in my bedtime routine) and I was watching the mailbox just waiting for it to arrive.  While not a waterproof formula, I wanted to give it a shot for days when I’m in the office and not enjoying the great outdoors or the gym.  


As you can see, the wand is a fluffy closely packed wire bristle wand.  The formula is not too wet, but still allows for buildable application.  It wore beautifully all day with no transfer.  I posted a picture yesterday morning to our Facebook page and here is one from right before I removed my makeup last night.  

No smudging and very little flaking.  The lashes do appear a little spidery, but I think I may have gone back over them one too many times.  Overall my first impression of the latest addition to the Mary Kay range of mascaras is that it is very nice and certainly worth a try.  I’m going to play around with it this week and see if I can improve my application, but as far as formulas go, this is one of the best in my current collection.