This is really late, I know.  Sorry, but sometimes life gets in the way.  If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you already know I’ve been preoccupied with making a very special two year old smile on her birthday with this cupcake filled Frozen themed tower.


Once I finished partying with the kids, I headed into Manhattan to party with the Piano Man, Billy Joel (and by party with I mean sit in the 400’s section, rear stage, at Madison Square Garden singing along to every word wondering how he has more energy than me!).  What a great show!  Such a unique setting with a wonderfully witty legend that can still bring down the house!  Highly recommend the show if you can swing it.

So as I was dragging my tired behind through life today (with a nagging migraine) I kept reminding myself that the menu still needed to be planned for the week.  However, since my weekend was so jam packed and the only place I want to be right now is the couch, I’m looking to my freezer and pantry for this week’s meals.



I love this recipe.  It has been a family favorite for years.  Much different then the way my mom would make kielbasa for dinner when I was a kid, but still brings back that comfort food vibe.  Perfect for chilly fall nights.


Stuffed pork chops sound awesome.  I made some awhile back with Gorgonzola cheese.  They were very tasty, but the kids did not care for the strong flavor, so I thought I would try a new recipe.  This one from Taste of Home for herb stuffed pork chops got really great reviews.


Mac and cheese is the ultimate comfort food for me.  When I was pregnant with my oldest, I suffered from 24 hour sickness for nearly 7 months.  It was so bad I would interrupt my coworkers mid sentence and vomit in my trash can.  Seriously, it was hell, but I would do it all over again for my Bella.  One of the only things I could stomach was what became affectionately known as Nanny Nanny Mac and Cheese.  My best friend’s mother-in-law (Nanny aka Dot) made me my own tray when she heard how ill I was.  Having 8 children of her own, she sympathized with me (i.e. pitied me) and for that I have been forever grateful.  I’ve been begging for the recipe but it is one of those recipes she makes by look and feel…until now.  She measured and after 10 years I’m in comfort food heaven!

this makes 3 foil 1/2 trays so get ready to pig out, share or freeze!

2 lbs mostaccioli pasta

2 lbs extra sharp cheddar block cheese (1 1/2 p

lbs shredded and 1/2 lb sliced)

1/2 gallon milk

1 cup flour

plain pinko and plain regular bread crumbs

1/4 lb butter melted

Cook the pasta el dente.  Heat most of the milk (save 1 1/2 cups) with sliced cheddar till the cheese melts.  Whisk remaining milk with flour until smooth.  If necessary, add a ladle of the heated milk to help dissolve any lumps.  Bring heated milk/cheese mixture to a simmering boil.  Whisk in flour mixture to thicken milk mixture stirring occasionally.

Spray bottom of 3 foil pans with cooking spray.  Put a little of the shredded cheese on the bottom.  Then layer with pasta followed by shredded cheddar (approximately 3 layers).  Ladle milk/cheese sauce over the top.  Sprinkle with last of the cheddar cheese and sprinkle lightly with bread crumbs.  Pour melted butter over the top.  Bake at 350 degrees for approximately 25 minutes.  Broil the top till browned to desired crunchiness and enjoy!


I’ve made this chicken in the crockpot a few times.  I first saw the recipe for Mississippi Roast on a Facebook group that I’m a member of and tried it with chicken (I’m not a huge red meat eater).  It was delicious.  but I recently came across it again on Pinterest and thought it needed to make an appearance on the menu.  Some mashed potatoes and carrots and everyone is covered.  You could even cook the carrots in with the chicken.

It is very simple.  I use a whole roaster chicken, rinsed with the packet removed.  Place the chicken in the crockpot and sprinkle a packet of Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing Mix, a packet of Au Jus mix and a little fresh ground pepper.  Place a stick of butter and 4-5 pepperoncini peppers on the top.  Add a 1/4 cup of water and cook on low for 8-10 hours depending on the size of the chicken.  If you want to crisp the skin, you can transfer the chicken into a broiler pan and broil it for a bit when you get home from work.


If you guys haven’t figured it out yet, Fridays are all about how quickly I can get food on the table.  The kids have us running in different directions so this week, we’re going cheese steaks!  I’ll pick up a pound of deli rare roast beef and some fresh rolls.  I can sauté up the sliced onion and peppers the night before and then just reheat them with the rare roast beef, which I slice into strips.  Once heated through, I top them with a 50/50 mix of cheddar and American cheeses.  Some French fries as a side and we are off and running!