Plain Jane Makeup-4When I started the blog back in September, I also started my first supply of Nerium skin care for what was supposed to be a 30 day challenge.  I will admit, I was somewhat skeptical given the pyramid structure of the company, but I suppose that is the case with most direct sale brands these days.   However, I’ve known my consultant for years through a few different brands, and trust her opinions immensely when it comes to skin care.  She truly believes in the Nerium line of products and I just had to give it a try.  After all, her skin is flawless!

I reluctantly sent her a few pictures of my face up close and personal with no makeup so she could see what I have become a master at disguising.   Few outside my inner sanctum of life have seen my face in its raw beauty.  I know I’ve earned every scar, spot and line and the only chapter written on my skin that I wish I could write over would be falling asleep under that beautiful shady palm tree on St. Thomas.  It was still beautiful when I awoke, but it was no longer shady and I was crisp.   I remember that day every time I look in the mirror and see the sunspot on my right cheek.  Hopefully it will never be more than that and a reminder to reapply sunscreen often.  Otherwise, my skin is pretty much what you would expect from a woman just on this side of 40: a few lines that show I laughed, loved and cried over the years, and a t-zone that still gets a bit oily at times and is prone to breakouts if I’m not careful about my diet or washing off my makeup before I pass out from sheer exhaustion at night.

So is Nerium mighty or a myth?  My first impressions of each of the products was very different.  I loved the day cream instantly with its super light texture that absorbs quickly into the skin without creating a slip and slide effect under makeup.  I’ve always looked for a light oil free moisturizer for day and had always been happy with the MaryKay ClearProof, but this stuff really takes it to the next level keeping skin hydrated all day!

Plain Jane Makeup-6

I initially thought the night cream was very sticky and had an off-putting odor to it, but then my consultant reminded me to apply the night cream to my face and neck while my skin was still damp.  This made a huge difference.  The odor fades quickly and the night cream’s mask like qualities are uniquely tailored to deliver all of the skin transforming ingredients throughout the night.  When I wake up in the morning and rinse my face it is as though my skin is ready of anything.  It is well hydrated, even toned and any bumps and blemishes are greatly reduced.  I’ve even left the house without make-up!

Plain Jane Makeup-5

It has been four months and I am just now nearing the bottom of both the day and night cream.  You can hear the little pockets of air bubbling up to the nozzle with each application.  Perhaps I should have been using more, but I have been very pleased with my results.  I will be calling Nicole McClue to order my next bottle of both very soon and I am sure she will be happy to hear from you as well.


*** Special thanks to the lovely and talented Brianna Foster of Brianna Foster Photography for the wonderful product pictures.