Hope y’all had a wonderful weekend and that if you’re on the east coast you’re all dug out and not flooded out!  By the time we finished shoveling our 21.7 inches of snow, it was time for a quick dip in the hot tub to ease our aching muscles before plopping down on the couch to watch some football!  I’ve always been a fan of the sport.  I used to love watching the games on Sunday with my dad, trying to figure out who I should root for while enjoying some delicious snacks like mom’s pepperoni bread.  My dad would bring us home t-shirts from his business trips or we would pick them up on our travels across the nation.  I think I was the only 7 year old with a Cleavland Browns shirt back then…..

But it was the 1980s and John Elway and the Broncos were great at the late game comeback that made watching football less about the snacks and so much more interesting to watch.  Fast forward a few years to four years in the SEC with some of the best quarterbacks and running backs to play the game and boom Terrell Davis becomes a Denver Bronco.  Not just any Bronco, but a key member of the Broncos back to back Super Bowl Championship teams.  Who backed him up when he was injured?  Olandis Gary of course, another University of Georgia running back.  And as we moved into the last 10 years we’ve had the pleasure of watching corner back Champ Bailey and countless other Bulldogs don the orange and blue.  While there are not any UGA grads currently on the team(shocker), the SEC is well represented with Peyton Manning leading the charge and the Broncos will forever be, my team.

I am looking forward to the Super Bowl and cheering on my Broncos hoping all the while that Peyton has what it takes to make it past the Carolina defense.  Man, that was rough to watch…

Of course there will be good friends, family and lots of food and drink to keep us going through the commercials and half-time.  One item that will certainly be on the menu is what my family refers to as “Red Hot Chicken Balls”.  I found this recipe from Aaron McCago, Jr. for “Buffalo Chicken Cheese Balls” a few years back and they have definitely become one of our go to game time snacks.    Definitely keep them in mind for your game day preparations.  They are relatively easy to make and are less messy to eat then a traditional chicken wing.

Want to know what other delicious items are on my game time menu? Stay tuned!

Go Broncos!