From a rather young age I learned the therapeutic properties of tea.  Not just the drink itself, which offers a ton of health benefits (not to mention the jolt of caffeine), but the people and thoughts shared while enjoying a simple cup of tea and maybe a sweet treat like these vanilla scones from Ree Drummond.  

My mom always enjoyed an evening cup of Lipton Blackberry tea with a spoonful of sugar and the occasional spot of cream.  It was one of our favorite ways to spend some time together (still is) -catching up on the school day, planning for the future, whether it be the week ahead or a lifetime away, or simply sitting quietly enjoying a rare moment of calm.  

In my teen years, tea time would be expanded to include my best friends.  The doorbell rang and on the stove went the water to boil, sometimes even if I wasn’t home!  All of our problems and teenage angst seemed to melt away right there in the kitchen over a cup of tea with mom… the problems that seemed so insurmountable, manageable once more.  We learned that our mothers had our best interest at heart and that there wasn’t much we could do to break that bond.  We realized that no boys were worth the tears and the ones that were, would never make us cry.  We laughed at our mistakes and shared our hopes and dreams.    

While away at college and graduate school, I learned to appreciate tea time as a moment of quiet reflection.  Always thinking of mom, hundreds of miles away, with the first sip and then letting the stress just wash away with the warm relaxing goodness of that steaming cup of sanity.   

Nap time became synonymous with tea time for the first few years of motherhood as I would regroup and remind myself that the rest of the world (and most often -my career) could wait just a little while longer.  And now tea time has come full circle as we sit, breathe in the hot steamy therapy  and eat delicious vanilla scones catching up on the school day and planning for the future.