There are twenty one more school days till summer vacation here in the Garden State.  My Southern friends probably have one day to go. (Jealous much?  I am!)  The thought of summer vacation still makes me giddy even though most adults (including me) don’t get to truly enjoy it like we did all those years ago.  There is just something so wonderful about the summer and it’s healing powers.  It breathes new life into my heart and soul.  

The countdown to summer presents the perfect opportunity to remind our children not to grow up too fast as we trudge off to work leaving them in the care of trusted summer nannies and grandmothers who have done their time in an air conditioned office.  Remind your kids to savor waking up without an alarm clock blaring at them but with the sunlight on their little faces.  Remind them to enjoy each lazy morning, the hot sand beneath their feet and the smell of the salt water, the lake or both.  Remind them to take the time to get lost in the sound of the waves crashing against the beach and the birds chirping in the distant trees as they blow in light summer breezes.  

This is the time to enjoy the laughter of friends, the taste of creamcicles and juice jugs, watching the sun set behind the mountains and staying up late to wish upon the first star.  It is the time to watch the moon dance across the water while chasing fireflies and bask in the glory of long summer evenings.    And as each summer night comes to pass, remind them to cherish the feeling of warm air on their shoulders and the cool grass beneath bare feet as they wish the night would never end just moments before they realize they are blessed to do it all again tomorrow.  

And while you’re stressing out over your 8 am meeting the next day, just stop.  Clear your mind and take the time to enjoy the summer with your children – read a good pirate adventure, tell stories of the past and make plans for the future. Summer does not last forever, but the memories you make in the warmth of the season will forever have a place in their hearts.