So it is definitely summer vacation time.  Every phone call I make is met with a voicemail message that says, “I’m out for the week…please call the poor kid that’s stuck answering my calls and managing e-mails while I’m drinking pina coladas on some beach, some where…”  OK, maybe that’s not exactly what it says, but you know that’s what we hear and we’ve ALL been that kid – The low man (or woman) on the totem pole left to hold down the fort while everyone else is enjoying the sunshine and you don’t even have a window office.  Ah yes… sunshine.  It is intoxicating and holds healing powers I need so much right now, so let’s get to it!  Ever since loosing my bag for the entire week on a family vacation to Myrtle Beach, I’ve been a fan of carry-on luggage.  My love for carry-on luggage actually predates baggage check and oversize charges, but I can say that those charges have been instrumental in maintaining the healthy marriage between my travel plans and my small suitcase.  I always opt for carry-on.  The one exception to this may be international travel to locations where I may not have access to the necessities – like sunscreen that doesn’t cause Bella to breakout in hives or a ski vacation, where I would freeze if not properly equipped with thirty-seven layers of coziness.  But again… we’re talking sunshine here – hot sand beaches, island music and nothing to do but spend time with the family and catch up on a good book.

Other than the essential toiletries and minimal make-up, its really about comfort and pieces that can be mixed together to fit any activity from siting pool side to dancing the night away – a vacation capsule wardrobe if you will.  I’m not sure why, but I always pack my toiletries and makeup first.  Probably because everything is so miniature that its not typically an item in the everyday rotation so I can do it well in advance.

My favorite beat the heat make-up is light and contains layers of SPF.    Honestly, there is just no reason to pack a lot of make-up.  I like to give my skin a break while on vacation.  So most days I will just use a facial sunscreen (I packed one from Coola that I got in my June Birch Box for a recent trip) or a primer containing sunscreen like the New Maybelline Master Studio Blur and Illuminate that I picked up a few weeks back.  Throw on a little waterproof mascara like the Lancôme Hypnose drama and bright sheer lip product like the Lancôme juicy shakers in watermelon and head out the door.  However, if I feel like I need a little more coverage I will layer on a CC cream with SPF like the Cargo HD Picture Perfect CC Cream which has SPF 20,the BareMinerals Hydrating Gel Cream which has SPF  30 or the Almay Anti-Aging Smart Shade Skintone Matching Makeup with SPF 20.  A great under eye concealer with SPF is the IT Cosmetics CC eye cream with SPF 50 because it does double duty and provides a light summer ready coverage but the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye offers waterproof coverage.  For night time, I’ll play up cheeks and eyes by adding some Too Faced Milk Chocolate Bronzer which also doubles as a good transition crease shade for the eyes, a bit of Tarte blush in Blushing Bride or Cargo blush in Los Cabos on the apples of my cheeks and add some cream/powder shadows in bronze shades like the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze to complement sun-kissed skin.  A little more mascara (maybe some liquid liner like Stila’s waterproof liquid liner) and some translucent powder and your ready to dance till the sun comes up.  Easy right?

 That’s just the first part, but yes, it’s as easy as it sounds!