I overheard a conversation among middle school students today that got me thinking… what if we could hit the rewind button and walk into school, our office, our home and start over?  If we each had the opportunity to reintroduce ourselves and start our relationships over, would you take it?  Would you approach things differently, would you be a kinder person, a better friend, more outgoing or more outspoken on issues that matter to you?  Would you take the opportunity to enhance your life and the lives of others or would you simply keep the status quo?  

Unfortunately, we can’t erase the past, but in theory we all learn from our experiences and we all deserve a second chance. I think even the youngest among us these days have a sense of how short life is.  If you don’t, then clearly you’re living in a bubble and I’m a little jealous.  The evening news has been one tragic event after another these days.   Tomorrow is never guaranteed.  But what we do with each of our days, that is completely within our own power.  So why not?  Why not hit the rewind button and reintroduce yourself to someone today?  Why not start over with the benefit of all you have learned and all you have overcome.  

Hi. I’m Plain Jane in a Party Dress.  I have a day job that takes way too much of my time when I would like to be with my children Bella and Max.  They are my whole world.  They are my why.  I have always enjoyed writing.  It’s been a creative outlet since I was a child.  I also love make-up, fashion, cooking, crafting and being outdoors enjoying the wonderful Earth God created with my family and friends. I try to find joy in every day, to find the silver lining in every bump in the road and to learn from every person I am blessed to meet. I don’t like drama, please save it for your llama.  I acknowledge when I’m wrong, give and accept apologies freely and always pause to soak up the warmth of the sun, dance in the rain, and sing the song that pops into my mind during conversations.  It’s nice to meet you.  I hope we can be friends.